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    Home » Who We Are » Phil's Story Phil was diagnosed with Stage 4B Hodgkin's Lymphoma on April 27, 2004. It was determined that he had been in the most advanced stage of his cancer about 9 months prior to his initial diagnosis. He was very thankful that what had been killing him for a long time was finally determined so he could be treated. Phil received 4 months of aggressive chemotherapy at the University of Chicago Hospitals and in September tests showed no sign of cancer.

    Phil began his first year of teaching fourth grade in October, 2004. He had to stop teaching in April of 2005 when he relapsed. Phil endured more aggressive treatment compared to last year upon his diagnosis. In August, at the height of his treatments he received 6 days of lethal chemotherapy followed by a successful stem-cell transplant. In addition, he received radiation. In mid November of 2005, Phil once again received excellent news from his doctors that tests showed him to be cancer free. He resumed his teaching responsibilities in February 2006.

    In some of Phil's weakest times he cried out to the Lord, and his prayers were answered. Phil said, "Lord, if it is my time to go to heaven I am ready, but if this is not my time I will keep on fighting, devote my life to you, and whatever you have planned for me." God answered Phil's prayers and let him know that it was not his time to go to heaven. Instead, God wanted him to use his sickness and what he learned from it to help others in similar situations. It was on Phil's hospital bed in his sickest moments where the ideas for Phil's Friends were born.

    God transformed Phil's life during his fight with cancer. He wants all cancer patients and their families to have God's Word to comfort them and the peace of Jesus Christ as their Savior like he has. God transformed Phil's attitudes, priorities, and his outlook on life through cancer. To this day Phil says that cancer was the best thing that has ever happened to him. God disciplined him through cancer so he could better serve Him. As a result, Phil's faith has reached new levels. Phil wants to help other cancer patients stay positive and realize the absolute truth during the tough moments of their lives.

    During Phil's fight with cancer he was blessed with an awesome support system. "The outreach of prayers, deep concern, thoughtfulness, and assistance from the Christian family was unimaginable. I want to offer similar support to others who face a fight with cancer. What about all the Christians who struggle with the disease? What about all the patients who have no where to turn because no one has told them about Jesus, his great love, and what He has done for them? They need our help! So often cancer is looked at as a negative; I want to help other patients realize the good in it like I have. Through cancer I have gotten to the point in my daily walk with Him where I pray that God will continue to break me everyday so my faith gets a chance to shine."

    Phil states, "The initial way that we reach cancer patients is by distributing care packages to cancer patients and their families.  The care packages contain helpful items that cancer patients enjoy as well as spiritual material. We have established and will continue to establish more national chapters across the country in order to serve as many cancer patients as possible. Wherever God leads our efforts we will follow. The bottom line of our faith based charity is support and bringing as many people as possible to Christ and ultimately salvation. Our situation is urgent, people are diagnosed with cancer everyday. Patients are looking for a place to turn, they need the comfort, peace, and joy only God can provide! Unfortunately, people are losing their battles everyday and a lot of them have never been reached. I know it is God's will for my life to help them. If God puts it on your heart to help out with this great cause, please contact us today. Life on earth is short. There is no time to lose! "
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